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I am a cultural Indian medico student, who loves to communicate with people. 4yrs back i joined Lingo Studio in order to consume my leisure in a productive way. In the beginning i was not sure whether i would be able to take this responsibility but thanks to Lingvo admin and my humble full of spirit students who made my 3 yrs very easy and even a source of relaxation.

People who are looking for improving their speaking ability in a positive environment should visit my Adult Speaking Club.I have divided our speaking club into 2 segments.1st segment is devoted to speaking on random topics proposed by the adjective noun game, Playing with words and picture composition and 2nd segment is for our planned topic discussion and debate.

I also conduct Teen Speaking Club for improving communication skill of youth to make them independent and confident to survive in any part of English dominant world. Teen club is also divided into 2 parts-in1st segment children speak on a particular topic and give personal view under my supervision. In 2nd part we play some vocabulary game, roleplays, name place animal things, picture composition and some time we watch video.
So if anyone wants to improve vocabulary in a very friendly way should give him or her one chance and participate in our speaking club. You will have 100% Success!!!!


My name is Tashae Amanda Smith a vivacious individual from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I’m a fourth year medical student at KNMU.

I’m a sociable Individual with good communication skills. My native language is English and my hobbies include dancing, listening to music, and watching movies. I enjoy teaching English to enthusiastic students who have a passion for learning.

My classes are effective and they involve a lot of games and activities which makes the class enjoyable while learning. I love having fun and I go by the philosophy «Life is what you make it…so when life gives you lemons make lemonade». 🙂


I believe a life lived selfishly is not worth living at all. Therefore one of my aims have been to touch as many lives in positive way during my existence here. Lingvo has definitely helped me to do that, as I impart what I know with those this organisation has allowed me to come in contact with.